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This Sick Season

This seems to be the season of being unwell, or as we like to call it, 'dis-ease' (a state of being uneasy). 

The world loves to associate being unwell with labels, and then fear monger with more labels. You must've heard the terms "carcinogenic", "terminal", "incurable", "life threatening", "deadly" many times, and seen the fear people have expressed after hearing them. 

On the other hand, you could have heard of and witnessed in your own families, miraculous recoveries from end-stage cancers, outlived prognoses and experts' expectations. 

How does it happen? Why do some people succumb to their illnesses, yet some people recover against all odds? We discovered a startling little secret: it is all about a paradigm shift. Allow us to explain our perspective.

(Please read on with discretion) 

Illnesses are often regarded as negative experiences, that something had gone wrong and that the body has broken down. Experts in the medical fields continue to tell us about how fragile the body is, that it's unable to 'fight' and would require drugs and more drugs and stronger drugs to suppress and combat. 

What if the reverse is actually true? 

Nobody really thinks about illnesses as a good thing, where the super powerful human body could actually be rapidly ridding itself of what it doesn't need. Let's illustrate this assumption with an example - as we already know, after a fall or a cut, the blood quickly coagulates and the wound closes up in order to heal itself - this is a small but significant sign that our bodies are designed to heal. 

What if a tumour was the body's efficient way of rounding up unwanted toxins and negative energies, safely kept in a ball, away from the rest of the body? What if, our bodies have dutifully been sending us reminders to slow down, and after repeated reminders that have been deftly ignored and we have instead chosen to continue to abuse the mind and body, allowing our bodies to round up more and more balls over time? 

What if our bodies are designed to perfectly combat every single illness out there and all we had to do was adjust our mindsets - to adopt a mindset of change, so that we are constantly evolving, just as pathogens evolve and cells mitose. Because, haven't we heard this before, "Change is the only constant".  

So, when someone tells you there is a way to illness-proof your life, perhaps, take a step back to question: 

-if it is an opportune time to look at illnesses simply as dis-eases that give us a chance to face the issues in our life, instead of rushing to escape from them. 
-if illness-proofing your life is even possible, because such an act stems from the fear of falling ill, and as we all know, fear attracts negativity (just as joy attracts positivity), so, instead of illness-proofing your life, you may end up with the opposite. 
-if being adaptable to change and being able to constantly evolve is the key to being mentally and physically agile and therefore, healthy and flourishing. 
-if the mental state and the physical body is a manifestation of each other, hence, working on your mindset to create this paradigm shift is as good as healing your bodily dis-eases.  
-if we have been thinking about illnesses all wrong - that actually, the opposite could be true. 

Of course, this is purely our own conjecture, based on questions we ask ourselves as we go through life. And we're sharing our perspectives with you, in hope that you too, will start to ask questions that could lead to your own answers. 

Written by Cynthea Lam. 

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