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Our Farm-to-Table Self-Care Workshop series is a monthly look into different groups of herbs, spices, flowers, fruits and vegetables that provide our bodies with utmost healing and care. 

We incorporate plant-based knowledge into our curriculum and borrow wisdom from the ancient practices of Ayurveda, Herbalism and Naturopathy focusing on plants' therapeutic benefits. 

Each month, we feature a group of power plants that are symbolic of the seasons we're in - from weather changes, life's seasons, festivities to occasions. For example, January heralds new beginnings always, whether with dietary or life goals, and it also marks the peak of Singapore's coldest temperatures, bringing about the need to keep the body balanced and warm with the help of roots, seeds and spices. 

These power plants have been chosen for their outstanding ability to improve our immunity, due to their extra loading of phytonutrients and anti-inflammatory characteristics.

You will learn the importance of each plant group, its therapeutic benefits, how you can grow them, and harness the powers from each of them into your daily diets. 

Our workshops are comprised of two parts - 
(a) Growing 
We will teach you how to grow the plants, and how you can maintain them in your urban spaces - homes and offices. 

(b) Cooking
You will learn how to cook the plants you've grown and harvested in this cooking demo segment. Let your senses come alive with the tasty and therapeutic dishes you'll get to sample. All our recipes are easy to follow, ingredients are accessible and most importantly, healing. 

What you will go home with -
-A growing project
-Recipe Cards

Who should attend this workshop series:
-People seeking basic knowledge of nutrition and gardening
-People currently suffering from poor health and wish to learn about gentle and alternative ways to heal 
-Busy people who would like to learn simple, tasty and healing recipes
-Overworked people looking to slow down and take a pause during weekends 

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