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The Urban Farm is a collaborative social project started by urban farming companies Super Farmers and Herb in a Cup, who wish to teach Singaporeans to grow their own food as a life skill, to encourage Singaporeans to eat healthier, and at the same time provide employment to the aunties and uncles who still need to make a living to support themselves.

Our intention is very simple; we wish to bring money and meaning to the lives of the uncles and aunties who may have fallen through the cracks of societal's systems - and we will attempt to catch them and help them, one by one. 

These uncles and aunties bring with them painful stories of abandonment, illness and poverty. Our project aims to ensure they will have enough money to buy food, and pay for medication and basic living expenses. Importantly also, to let them reclaim a sense of usefulness and purpose in their lives, and feel uplifted in the process. 

Each of our flagship product The Veggie Cup is lovingly assembled, labelled and packed by these uncles and aunties.

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