Apoteacaryᵀᴹ Workshop : Healing With Teas (Virtual)


This is a unique corporate program, where employees are encouraged to slow down and gain useful knowledge about protecting their health with teas. 

Our in-house nutritionist has taken the time to research about herbs, spices, flowers and fruits, and their therapeutic benefits and uses, so that they can use them safely in their self-care regimes. 

In this therapeutic virtual workshop, participants will be introduced to herbs, flowers, fruits and spices that help support and strengthen certain bodily conditions caused by stress and anxiety. The specific topics to choose from are: 


This is our signature workshop that is often sold-out, and now brought to you virtually, where participants will each receive a tea-blending kit containing 8 herbs, spices, flowers and fruits that have been chosen for their therapeutic properties specific to the topic of the workshop. They will then create their own tea blends, and make a great tea together.

Date: Weekdays 

Duration: 1 hour (between 10am and 5pm only)
Meeting Platform: Client to host 

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