We believe in happiness.
We also believe in paradigm shifts. 

Have you ever felt so helpless when life kept throwing you challenge after challenge, leaving you to wonder if you can ever get out of that cycle? 

Let's treat life as an exam, and imagine ourselves as students. Life will keep testing us on the same subject until we understand and pass it. So, don't attempt to run away from life, face it with fervor and attempt to learn from it, every bit of hardship and joyful moment.

When challenges repeatedly surface in our lives, we always ask, "What are we supposed to learn from this lesson?". Every lesson is a learning opportunity and every learning opportunity brings us closer to a breakthrough. 

A breakthrough to clarity, understanding, and an awakening. 


Never sweep issues under the carpet. 
Face them with courage and great respect for yourself (for facing them).

Here at Super Farmers, we believe everyone deserves Happiness. No one should be left out of this one basic human privilege. And, our job is to help facilitate the process of your: 


Our space, HOUSE by Super Farmers, daily programs and workshops for adults and children have been thoughtfully designed to encourage guests to feel at ease with themselves, to get lost in doing something meaningful and gain knowledge of how they can detox their mind, body and spirit, in order to welcome joy. 

This is very much like therapy and you will leave feeling: 

And, why you should choose to be Happy?

  • If you are happy, you will notice things will start falling into place 
  • If you are happy, you will naturally attract the right people around you
  • If you are happy, you will create amazing opportunities that you never knew you could have
  • If you are happy, you will effortlessly find solutions to your problems
  • If you are happy, your body will start healing itself of emotional and physical mis-alignments.
  • If you are happy, you will start manifesting your dreams into reality
  • If you are happy, you will be able to power-negate the negativity on earth
  • If you are happy, people will be positively affected by you

We look forward to cultivating joy together with you.