Hello! I am Cynthea and I am a mother of two young children. 

Five years ago, I nearly lost my then 3-year old daughter. She had Pneumonia despite having been vaccinated against it as a baby. One of her lungs was completely riddled with infection, while the other one was filling up fast; We had half-a-lung's time left to save her life. What ensued was a mad rush of operations and intensive round-the-clock treatments in a bid to save her life.

Thanks to our team of doctors who worked relentlessly to fight the disease, we had our baby back after a month in the hospital.  

Several blood tests afterwards revealed that she had suffered an allergic reaction to food colouring. We were shocked to learn how a seemingly innocent ingredient can actually be so detrimental to the human body. After all, food colouring is added to perpetually everything we eat - candies, cakes, processed meats, beverages, the list goes on.

I was determined to embark on a journey to discover the truths about food. 

I left my corporate career to care for my daughter and nursed her back to health with home-cooked organic meals. I cooked with imported organic food at first, however after a while, that proved to be challenging on the wallet.

Growing our own food was absolutely by chance, because I'd left an organic sweet potato out and it started to grow on its own. But that beautifully triggered experiments to keep on growing. 

Living in an HDB apartment with no access to much sunlight or balcony space has taught me to grow creatively; I now know the different types of edible plants that work well in our micro-environment and further find creative ways to make use of unwanted objects around the house to grow plants in. 

In seeking a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family, I fell in love with nature and the wisdom nature brings. The connection between human beings and nature is an intrinsic one, and is one I truly celebrate. Through a process of self-healing, I have successfully healed myself of a 6-year long insomnia episode (I used to get no sleep for 3 days in a row because I just couldn't fall asleep), and a 30-year long eczema attack that dermatologists have long given up on. Never would I have guessed that thousands upon thousands of hard-earned dollars spent on treating these 'dis-eases', could have been saved by slowly aligning my body, mind and spirit. 

I can't wait to share my journey with you, because I strongly believe our stressful and indulgent lifestyles manifest into chronic ailments and unhappiness, and we all have the power within us to reverse that. 

My family and I now live simply and purposefully, with the hopes that our children and future generations can change the way they consume and think. 

The future is in our hands, 
The time is now.

Cheers to healing and happiness!
Cynthea :-)