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Kokedama Workshop at Parkway Parade


We hope you enjoyed yourselves during our Kokedama Workshop last Friday. Remember I promised you all the recipe for an all-natural pesticide you can use to combat common plant pests like mealy bugs and aphids. Here it is! 


-Dish-washing detergent (a squirt or two)
-Chilli seeds (a pinch)
-Salt (a pinch)
-Oil (1 tbsp)
-Water (400-500ml)

-Mix above ingredients into a spray bottle and shake well
-Spray liberally onto pest-infested areas, making sure to rub each leaf well to get rid of pests
-Repeat this method for at least 3-5 consecutive days, once a day, until infestation doesn't return/spread. 

*Note: if infestation is too severe, you may want to get rid of the plant immediately to prevent it from spreading to neighbouring healthy plants. 

We also want to share with you some photos we took of you during our workshop. 

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