Nourishing Joy For You

This unique cooking course is specially designed for the gentle healing of special bodies that have been through tough times.  

In healing a bodily condition, we focus not just on the ingredients that are important in nourishing your physical self, we place equal emphasis on how you feel when you eat them. These feelings and emotions, are just as powerful in healing your body when we nourish them. 

We're able to assist with the following conditions:
-Poor Immunity/ General Malaise 

We do not subscribe to any medical practices or dietary labels that aim to limit and restrict foods. 

Rather, we believe that every body is unique and requires a different approach in order to: 
-Uncover what is suppressing the body
-Gently reverse the fear of certain types of food
-Tear down belief systems that are in the way of healing
-Share with you non-forceful nutritional advice 
-Pair emotional nourishment with physical nourishment
-Never fear-monger
-Trust yourself because you are the most powerful healing entity 

After each session, you will:
-Feel comforted 
-Experience clarity and less heavy in worries 
-Gain a different perspective 
-Slowly notice changes in yourself 

Facilitated in an intimate one-to-one setting by our founder, Cynthea, each  Nourishing Joy programme is tailored to best serve your unique bodily needs. Our goal is to help you be the best version of yourself. 

Each programme comprises 5 sessions, with each session comprising of : 

Chat & Updates
Every session starts with a chat with Cynthea and she will walk you through a series of questions, including your realistic health goals, understanding your lifestyle habits and then drawing up an eating and cooking plan suggestion. 

This segment usually puts things in perspective, one that you may not have been aware of either. Each session unveils a little more understanding about your bodily condition - consider this your life and health coaching rolled into one. 

Cooking & Tasting 
Cynthea will then bring you on a culinary adventure, sharing with you new ways to eat, cook and nutritional knowledge to nourish your body. Food should be eaten with joy, never eaten out of fear! 

You will bring home with you notes, recipes, and most importantly, newfound knowledge about how to heal yourself, gently but surely. 

Remember, healing is a journey, not a destination; We HAVE TO experience the journey in order to heal. And we will walk this journey alongside you as long as you're ready and willing to walk this journey because no one else can do it for you. 


Our program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Whilst we do not claim any of the above, we are here to assist with your body's natural recovery, to meet the realistic health goals you will set for yourself. 

As with every healing journey, it takes time, patience and gentleness towards yourself. 

We do not represent any medical industry, religious group or food movement. We are not able to provide any medical diagnosis, prognosis or data about your conditions. Our knowledge and food wisdom is gleaned from decades of self-exploration and personal experiences living with the same dis-eases, and then healing ourselves purely by ourselves. 

Think of us as a friend walking alongside this healing journey with you, where we keep all of your information strictly confidential, and only share with you knowledge relating to food and feelings. 

We take your confidence seriously and will never 'sell' or 'push' you beyond what you've signed up for. 

This is a proprietary programme developed by Cynthea and it is not available anywhere else. 

Please begin this process by submitting an interest. We will be in touch for a complimentary initial consultation with you.