We've designed our programs to be like little getaways from the hustle and bustle of Singapore's busy city life. 

You will be encouraged to slow down once you enter our space, and be teleported into a little sanctuary enveloped by nature. 

Life, especially in a high-paced city like Singapore's, often feels overly hectic and emotionally demanding. We're constantly out of balance in our emotions, diets and family life because work stress seems to perpetually take over. 

With the fast life all around us - fast food, fast transportation, fast conversations, fast relationships, fast content, fast promotions, fast gratifications - we have lost the connection, the real connection to ourselves. 

The real connection to ourselves ensures the intrinsic balance; the balance in life we were born to have. 

The solution is to start living mindfully. Living a mindful life isn't an entire lifestyle change; It is a mindset shift to intentionally listen inward, to sharpen our intuition, to be conscious of our every action, word and thought, and the consequences they bring.

Here at Super Farmers, we have designed plant-based workshops in the genres of Urban Farming, Art, Cooking and Wellness, to encourage you to slow down, to learn to heal your mind, body and spirit, and most importantly, to find happiness. 

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"I worked with Cynthea to create a workshop at Green Is The New Black. Her passion and knowledge of her craft were absolutely refreshing and infectious. Definitely revved both the participants of the workshop and myself to pay more attention to the greenery surrounding us. After her workshop I had numerous participants come up to me to comment on how good Cynthea's workshop was. I definitely recommend for anyone who is interested in urban farming, or how to upcycle items into beautiful greenery to attend her workshops." 

Jerald Lim, Co-founder, Green Is The New Black


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