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Acai Brunch & Cooking Class For the Family

Acai Brunch & Cooking Class For the Family

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Date: 15 July 2018 (Sun)
Time: 10am - 12pm
Venue: HOUSE by Super Farmers
406 Joo Chiat Place
The Yards
Singapore 428084

Many parents have concerns about their children not consuming enough nutrition, causing low immunity and a sluggish defense system.  

If you have the same worries, this is the right class for you. 

In this 2-hour family-friendly communal Brunch and Cooking Class, we will teach you how you can feed your family nutrient-dense and fun desserts that everyone would love. 

Tried and tested, these recipes have been proven effective on fussy kid eaters! Furthermore, you and your kids will get to play around with the ingredients to create your own brunch dishes and enjoy a lovely brunch here at our HOUSE.

You will learn to make: 
-Nutritious Acai Ice Cream
-Acai-herb Cookies
-Acai Waffles 

This is a light-hearted and fun hands-on class. You will get: 

-3 recipes
-1 packet of organic Acai pulp
-Hands-on cooking experience
-Family bonding with your loved ones

Amazon Rainforest Direct to Singapore

Acai's popularity is unbeatable and we were so excited when we found out about Poppy & Co., a Singaporean company that works directly to have the Acai berries harvested, pulped, packed and shipped to Singapore straight from the Amazon rainforest. 

Why Acai?

Acai is a superfruit that has one of the highest levels of antioxidants and consuming it regularly can bring you these health benefits:

1. Promotes Heart Health
2. Stops Bad Cell Proliferation
3. Aids Weight Loss
4. Promotes Skin Health
5. Helps Digestion
6. Reduces Irritation
7. Improves Cellular Health
8. Immune System Booster
9. Anti-aging Effects
10. Boosts Energy
11. Improves Mental Function

*Italicised points are beneficial to children 

Note: children prices apply to children ages between 4 and 12