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Back to Yourself Retreat

Back to Yourself Retreat

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Leave your worldly burdens at the door and come in to fully relax through a half-day retreat that is filled with fun hands-on, nature-led activities and farm-to-table fare.  Relish in the mindful connections with nature and other wonderful humans. Let the child inside of you feel free again! 

Who should attend this: 
-People needing a break from the doldrums of life 
-People who are nursing broken-ness from relationships or illnesses
-People who feel stressed by work and life's demands
-People who need a respite just because

Walk away feeling:

Our retreats are designed according to themes that center around our physical self - each week focuses on a different sense and explores activities around it. 

TASTE / 7 July (Sat), 2pm to 5pm 
-Urban Farming Class
-Harvesting Session
-Farm-to-Table High Tea
-Make your own Asian pesto
-Dessert-making class 

SMELL / 14 July (Sat), 2pm to 5pm 
-Harvesting Session
-Farm-to-Table High Tea
-Make your own Inhaler 
-Create your own Toilet Drops

SIGHT / 21 July (Sat), 2pm to 5pm 
-Harvesting Session
-Farm-to-Table High Tea
-Watercolour jamming session
-Haiku making 
-Meditation session

TOUCH / 28 July (Sat), 2pm to 5pm  
-Harvesting Session
-Farm-to-Table High Tea
-Body Scrub Making