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Kokedama Workshop

Kokedama Workshop

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Learn the centuries old form of Japanese plant art, Kokedama, in the same lineage as the other traditional plant art - Bonsai. 

Kokedama is the practice of balance - as a sculpted tree or plant is suspended from just a string, or placed on a plating vessel, with its roots sustained in a ball of moss that has its ability to provide moisture to the plant, without the need for a plant pot.

Literally translated as Moss Ball (koke = moss, dama = ball), this sculptural art form will transform any space with its simple sophistication, which also encapsulates the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-sabi.

Wabi-sabi is an appreciation of the imperfections of nature and the transience of natural beauty, whose characteristics include simplicity, warmth, earthy, irregular, rough, natural, acceptance and observation

Kokedamas are created as a reflection of these Wabi-sabi principles. 

In this hands-on and guided workshop, you will learn: 
-how to mix your own Kokedama soil 
-the kinds of plants suitable for making Kokedama
-tricks and tips to create the perfect Kokedama
-how to care for your Kokedama

This is a very meaningful session, where you will be connecting with nature and learning an ancient Japanese art form that has been passed down for generations. Every participant will bring home his/her own Kokedama creation. 

All materials provided. 

Date: 2 September 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 2pm to 3.30pm
Venue: Mahota Commune - Activity Studio (809 French Road, Level 3, Kitchener Complex, Singapore 200809)