Nourishing Joy

This unique cooking programme is specially designed for you and your team's gentle healing so that everyone can go on further, longer.  

Unlike other cooking programmes, we focus not just on the ingredients that are important in nourishing your physical self, but place equal emphasis on how you feel when you eat them. These feelings and emotions, are just as powerful in healing and nourishing your body. 

We do not advocate following popular fads or beliefs - instead, we have the following objectives for everyone:
-everyone should get to eat what they love
-everyone should have access to basic nutritional information
-learn simple hacks for everyday cooking 

Here, you'll never be guilt-tripped to eat a certain way. We embrace everyone's unique states of health and preferences. 

After each session, you will:
-Feel comforted 
-Experience clarity
-Gain a different perspective 
-Slowly notice changes in yourself 

Facilitated in a workshop setting by our founder, Cynthea, who is a nutritionist in training, everyone will go home with notes and recipes. Everyone will also get to sample the dishes demonstrated. 

We're also able to customise the workshop to achieve learning objectives that are in line with your campaign/company values.  

Minimum no. of pax: 20
Venue: either client's premises where cooking is permitted or at our cooking studio at Bukit Merah or virtual
Workshop types:
-1 session (cooking demo only)
-3 sessions (basic nutritional course + cooking demo)
-5 sessions (comprehensive nutritional course + cooking demo) 



Our program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Whilst we do not claim any of the above, we are here to assist with your body's natural recovery, to meet the realistic health goals you will set for yourself. 

As with every healing journey, it takes time, patience and gentleness towards yourself. 

We do not represent any medical industry, religious group or food movement. We are not able to provide any medical diagnosis, prognosis or data about your conditions. Our knowledge and food wisdom is gleaned from decades of self-exploration and personal experiences living with the same dis-eases, and then healing ourselves purely by ourselves. 

Think of us as a friend walking alongside this healing journey with you, where we keep all of your information strictly confidential, and only share with you knowledge relating to food and feelings. 

This is our proprietary programme developed by Cynthea and is not available anywhere else. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this programme important for my employees?
The mind and body are connected - When we're able to seek clarity for the mental self, we'll also find clarity for the physical self. 

Many organisations expect employees to be in tip top mental conditions at work. However inevitably, everyone has other facets of life's responsibilities that could be bogging them down, which they might be unable to resolve on their own. 

As employers, we can learn to understand how to navigate through this together with them, and be empathetic towards our employees' life's challenges. This programme is also a great chance to kickstart the ways employees can look at managing their challenges, whether at life or at work. 

Unlike other nutrition programmes that archaically focus solely on nutrition and encourage limiting and restrictive diets, our programme is the complete opposite; We will introduce you to ways of finding nutrition in every food type and guide you to creating your own recipes that are nourishing for the mind and body, while you learn how you can change your mindset around certain life's conditioning.

What will my employees learn?
This is a basic course to discover the firsts of many topics around nutrition, physical and mental health. The emphasis of this course is shifting paradigms because for a long time, wellness and nutrition have been viewed and practised in an archaic way. Through our curriculum, we hope everyone can begin to question the ways they have been eating and be open to differentiated ways of learning about wellness and nutrition. 

Employees will not only be able to look at wellness and nutrition in a way that is different, they will also be able to be open and nimble around changes that are necessary for their own well-being. 

Is this programme suitable for every employee? 
This programme is beneficial to everyone.

How can employees continue to learn more? 
We have an advanced programme that covers wider topics and dives deeper into each topic, with more touch points for individuals to connect with the facilitator and peers. 

Contact us if you'd like this workshop for your team. We're able to conduct this in-person or virtually. 

Ways to contact us: 
Email -
WhatsApp - +65 87488556