Microgreens Growing Workshop

Here at Super Farmers, we advocate eating microgreens for good health.

Microgreens are baby vegetables that have super high levels of nutrients that help to elevate your daily health. 

In this workshop, you'll learn: 
-Why we eat microgreens
-How to grow microgreens
-Tricks and tips to ensure good microgreens growth 
-How to maintain microgreens in your urban environment like home or office
-How to harvest microgreens
-How to eat microgreens (cooking demo & food sampling) 

Date/Time: weekdays, during office hours
Venue: 10 - 20 pax at HOUSE by Super Farmers, 20 pax or more at client's venue
Duration: 60 - 90 minute options

All materials provided 

Contact us if you'd like this workshop for your team. We're able to conduct this in-person or virtually. 

Ways to contact us: 
Email - hello@super-farmers.com
WhatsApp - +65 87488556