Super Farmers is a wellness company focused on helping you transform the way you eat and live through nutritional education. 

Super Farmers' products and programs are inspired by nature's abundance of healing powers and wisdom.

A word from our founder: 

I founded Super Farmers in 2015 after my daughter had a near-death experience with Pneumonia caused by food colouring when she was just 3 years old.

Left with $0 to my name, broke from the hefty medical bills and long hospitalisation that thankfully saved her life, I decided to leave my corporate career to focus on nurturing her back to good health.

I dived into cooking wholesomely for my family and started a journey with emotional therapy. I also took up a nutritional course and found immense joy in developing recipes that are Simple, Nutritious & Delicious, easy on pockets and using accessible ingredients that are unassuming yet nutritious. 

Interestingly, this lifestyle change, coupled with the paradigm shifts brought complete healing to my 30-year episode with Eczema and chronic Insomnia. 

I now share my knowledge about food and emotional well-being through Super Farmers, to equip everyone with life skills to live well.

You can do this too! I'm here for you!  

Xx, Cynthea :-)

Speak with us at hello@super-farmers.com and find out how we can help elevate yours and your organisation's health.