Apoteacary™ Teas - for holistic healing

It took me 2 years to create the Apoteacary™ tea blends that we quietly launched last year.  My team and I worked on researching a myriad botanicals Asia has to offer before combining them in a blend that was efficacious and tasted delicious, and finally, testing them on ourselves. Ten thousand tweaks later, we have our first 3 blends! 

I've always been a tea drinker and love tisanes, but I couldn't find anything in the market that was therapeutic and delicious at the same time; I wanted it to be more than just a beverage - it  also had to heal. 

Yet, I'm not sold by traditional remedies because most of the time, there isn't transparency around where they're from, how they were grown and how they were processed. So, I went where I knew best - Food. 

If food is medicine, then it shouldn't just be eaten, it should also be drunk! (That's why I coined the term "Apoteacary" and trademarked it!) 

You'd notice that I mostly use Asian culinary ingredients because I wanted them to be grown near us, and wouldn't have to travel across the globe to reach us. I also made sure we reduced the middle men as much as possible so that we can have direct access to farmers and understand their growing and production processes. 

Lastly, on each box, you'd see that I've written affirmations to be read as you drink the teas, because as you know, Super Farmers is also about combining emotional wellness to create holistic improvements in your health. 

I am really proud of our 3 signature blends because the best testimonials are returning clients who buy them in bulk. (yes, we do sell them in bulk, just talk to us!) One of our clients who had to rely on sleeping pills could finally sleep without pills the night she had her first cup of REST. 

As always, this is not a miracle, one-pill solution type of tea and I'll never tout that because it doesn't exist. Instead, drinking Apoteacary™ is an act of allowing ourselves to heal, by gently introducing important minerals and properties that are important for our daily functions, through teas. That's really it! 

I always feel our teas are like nice warm hugs, and they really bring comfort during our most difficult times, just like therapy in a cup.  I hope you'd give them a try! 

Cheers to always going with the flow and enjoying the present moments in life!