Don't Lose Hope

Image Credit: Branimir Balogovic 

How have you been? 

The world seems to have gone bonkers huh? Judging by the many major events around the world, coupled with this seemingly never-ending pandemic, with one country locking down after another, with people trying to kill each other because of their skin colour or religion, it seems the world is certainly not the same anymore. 

When we're out, hugs have become taboo, handshakes a no-no, and we have to stand a distance from each other. At work, most meetings have gone virtual, and most people work in isolation, even though they're in a 'team'. 

It took me a while to gather my thoughts as 2020 rushed by with one shocking event unfolding into the next. And before we could even catch a breath, half of 2021 is now almost gone. 

Regardless of where you are, you would almost definitely be affected by the changes the past year and a half have brought us. 

And while you're coping with the ill-effects of the pandemic - of the loss of a loved one, loss of a relationship, loss of a business, loss of employment, loss of joy, loss of freedom, loss of the human connection, while you're being virtual, having no human contact and being socially-distanced - I'd like to remind you that there is Hope. 

The famous author Robert Ludlum once said "Hope is the only thing stronger than fear". And as we know and feel, the world is downtrodden by fear and  people's patience is waning. This is the moment to realise the power of hope, for hope is inherent in every one of us, and we are born with an abundance of it, still there, underneath the cynicism, skepticism and negativity. Learn to uncover your hope, nurture it and allow it to navigate you around this fear-based world. 

Let's think back to when we were children - we sat on swings and swung as high as we could, we ran so fast our legs almost fell off, yet we had no fear! We boldly dreamt of being astronauts, we proclaimed the day we became presidents we would make sure only good people exist, we dreamed and hoped until adults told us not to. 

Perhaps, they were wrong all along, because they've lost hope. 

So, how do we keep our heads up in times of devastation, depression, damage and desperation? In my opinion, with child-like wonder and a pure, untainted heart of hope. 

Author: Cynthea Lam