Shortcuts To Make Your House Beautiful This CNY

It’s almost Lunar New Year and you haven’t had the time to prepare your house for visits from friends and family. Work is mountainous in the office and you’re not able to take time off to give your humble abode an overhaul like you’ve wished to. There isn’t much time left to make major changes and household retailers are not taking in new orders until after CNY.

Fret not. We feel you. That’s why we’ve come up with a list to quickly spruce up your homes to save you from pulling your hair out.

Tip 1: Add splashes of colour and texture

(Picture credits: Pinterest)

Look around, the theme of your home might be predominantly monochromatic, or of a certain colour and texture group (eg. wood and whites).  By adding a splash of new colour and texture grouping,  your house could breathe opulence!

Adorn your wall with Straw & Copper tones

(Picture credits: Sf girl)

Fill your seats with velvet cushions in trending colours like mustard, teal, rusty pink and cobalt blue

(Picture credits: Pinterest)

Give existing furniture a new coat of neon paint and make it a focal piece.

(Picture credits: Weekday Carnival)

Tip 2: Introduce a scent

Just like colours are, a subtle scent can make a difference to how people feel about a space. Traditionally, people in the west boil orange peel, cloves, cinnamon and ginger to fill their homes with the scent of festivity.

Simply blend a few drops of your favourite essential oils in a spray bottle that’s diluted with water (1:40 parts) and start spraying around the house before visitors arrive. The scent will linger for at least an hour. Make sure to spray a few times a day, avoiding staining your clothes or cushions when doing so.

Tip 3: Green your home

If you don’t have a plant in your house, we highly recommend you get one now. Plants not only introduce some life into your home, it also helps to clean the air. On top of that, if you have trouble introducing colours into your home, having some earthly greens can do you a huge favour without any effort.

Some plants that we recommend that are easy to care for, looks good indoors, and clean the air—


Sunlight required

Water required

Snake plant



Rubber plant

Filtered light (through sheer curtains)


Spider plant

Bright, indirect sunlight

Lots of water while growing


*Disclaimer: If you have pets at home, do note that snake plants are mildly toxic to pets, and some species of rubber plants as well. Do some research before purchasing the plants.

Before you begin with any of the tips featured above, do give your home a quick declutter. You can refer to our post on a step-by-step decluttering exercise here. Decluttering is not just physically necessary, it is also hugely cathartic and would leave you with a clean slate to start the new year.

Happy Lunar New Year from us at Super Farmers!


Written by Ange Chua & Cynthea Lam