Uncovering You

Image Credit: Priscilla Du Preez

Have you felt your anxiety levels rise lately? ⁣

For the first time in your life, you've been FORCED to feel this much fear, worries and uncertainty in life. All your plans got wiped out overnight. All of a sudden, you've had to change the way you work and live. You feel stuck, literally and emotionally. Some of you even have to be stuck under the same roof with someone you don't like. What in the world is going on? Will things improve? What's next? You can't seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel. ⁣

If there's one thing that became so crystal clear about this lock down right now, it is that you are now forced to uncover the REAL YOU. ⁣

You HAD to feel what you felt, in order to move forward. Because, without feeling those emotions, you wouldn't be able to face yourself, and if you don't face yourself, the same life patterning keeps repeating. Does it make sense? (start noticing life patterns, they become obvious once you simply intend to notice them) ⁣
Ok, let me explain: when you feel what you felt, you were brought to a place where you were your most vulnerable; You simply cannot pretend anymore, or to sweep things under the carpet. You had to acknowledge your fears, anger, hatred, worries and uncertainties in life because if you didn't, the feelings would return again and again.⁣

With this Circuit Breaker, you are forced to face them, alone, in the safest space - your home. That is the beauty, and I hope you see it. ⁣

Some of you might wonder - I just want everything to go back to normal so that I can be the old me.  Why do I need to work on me? The truth is, change from the inside determines the changes you want to see around you. 

When our emotions are trying very hard to tell us something, we should never sweep them under the carpet by wishing for better days. Instead, looking at the very emotion bothering you, head on, and asking the question of "what thought inside of me is causing this feeling?" is the perfect way to start. 

Many of you have shared that anxiety is up and about at the moment, and you are having panic attacks more often, and being cooped up at home is exacerbating it and you feel yourself almost going bonkers. 

For some, the reason for this feeling is the fear that you might lose your job if the economy continues to worsen. Then, you've rightfully identified the root of this fear - the fear of losing your job. The fear stems from several sources within you - let's illustrate this with an example.

Suppose you've been fearful of losing your job because the result is losing your source of income, because money is the basis of supporting the lifestyle you now have. 

Then, are you willing to look at different ways of earning money? Are you willing to change the lifestyle you now have? 

My friend who is a freelance writer was greatly affected by the Circuit Breaker, with a complete stop to her income. She has a mortgage to her name, and a mother to support. She realised that if she was able to face her fear, put down her ego, then she would have the courage to think of different ways to make money during this period.

She finally signed up to be a food deliverer using her bicycle and has never felt happier because she now feels so useful and is reveling in the warmth of residents thanking her for her services. She thinks of the cycling as her daily exercise routine and has never felt healthier or stronger. This new role has given her a brand new meaning in life, and taught her so much about humility and living simply. 

Facing her fear of not having an income has led her to unearth another source of (flexible and somewhat lucrative) income during this tough time. Facing the emotion always leads the way to the solution, it always does. 

Remember, the intention of this exercise, is to uncover the authentic You, the You that is free from emotions that obstruct the becoming of You

Until our next chat, I wish you great, humbling moments with your innermost thoughts. This can't be a better time for all of us. 

XX, Cynthea