Women We Admire

On this entrepreneurial journey, I've come to realise how much I admire women who leave their corporate careers to found and manage businesses on top of having to manage their family. 

The stakes are higher, the risks...well, it takes a fearless go-getter with a vision because the risks are mammoth. 

As a mumpreneur, I don't just answer to myself, I have to answer to my partner, my children and my other family members. An idea takes time to birth, and even more time to validate and fund-raise. Worse, there is no guarantee any business would succeed, and even if it will, it takes time to grow and become a profitable one. So, you can imagine the added amount of worry and frustration a mumpreneur has to face on a daily basis. Add to that, the responsibility they have, to put food on the table, to ensure they're still contributing to the household expenses (which we all know is a steep amount as we live in the most expensive city in the world), and in my case, do the housework, cook for the family and chauffeur them to and from school every single day. 

It really isn't easy. 
(Just picture this - I'm writing this at almost midnight on Mother's Day, after the kids have gone to bed, the laundry folded and the dishes done)

Before I go into a spiel about what else I do as a mumpreneur, I'd like to shine the spotlight on 5 women I truly admire and respect. They're fellow mumpreneurs who work so hard to build their dreams and protect their children. And from one mumpreneur to another, this is a challenge I can truly understand because we're in the same boat, trudging the same paths. 

But we have one thing in common - instead of complaining about how damn hard it is, we trudge on. 

Teresa Foo, Founder, Balm Kitchen

A mother who believes in only using natural ingredients in her own line of facial products. We've personally been using Balm Kitchen's products for a few years now. 

Simone Ruth, Founder, At Home With Simone

A creative by day and a loving mum who cooks up a storm on weekends, Simone's beautiful cooking journey had us hooked. So glad to have collaborated with Simone last year for a fund-raising event. 

Rae Yun, Founder, Oh Happy Fry

The poster girl for Zakka-style home styling, Rae runs a successful e-commerce store retailing everything for stylish kids. We're glad to have worked with Rae at our first pop-up at Tiong Bahru, and continue to stalk her cooking journey for her two beautiful children. 

Jaelle Ang, Founder, The Great Room

Our mumspiration and founder of The Great Room is the epitome of a woman who gracefully wears many hats. This mother of 4 (yes, four!) manages the greatest co-working space in Asia (and continues to expand) while taking good care of herself with a sound daily self-care regime. Our kind of idol! 

Serena Adsit, Founder, Mint Singapore

This talent agency owner and model (and our idol since our teenage days) has been religiously taking care of herself physically and emotionally through what Mother Earth has to give. Mum of one, Serena's positivity and pursuit of happiness and empowerment is what we love about her. 

Written by Cynthea Lam