How to create happiness in your life

I have been living away from the 'system' (some call it the 'Matrix') for almost 6 years now, and it's been one of the best things that have happened to me. I no longer go to work 9-5, my family comes first, and most importantly, I have discovered a whole different world of meanings to life.

If I told you that I love Mondays, would you believe me? But it's the truth, because I've been able to spend every Monday exploring our own backyard like a tourist with my mom. Two years ago, my mom was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer, and our worlds collapsed. With sheer grit and resilience, we turned our lives around. I devised a brand new diet for her, and was able to bring her to and be present at all of her doctors' visits, scans and tests. On her days off from treatment, which is every Monday, we decided to live life to the fullest and explore our own country, the beautiful island of Singapore. Mom can't travel because of her treatment commitments and the higher risks associated with flying after her mastectomy, so no worries, we'll just explore our own beautiful country. 

Sometimes she's game for long drives to the countryside, sometimes, she's so exhausted and fatigued, all she wants is to sit quietly with a cup of coffee. Most importantly, I can be there for her every Monday, not worrying about meetings to attend or having to rush back to the office after a meal. I have been coaching her with all of my knowledge about happiness, and It's definitely a therapy on its own (she calls it 'Convotherapy') and I feel that it's working hand in hand with the traditional therapies she is receiving. It's been wonderful because we're spending so much precious time together. I can see she's adopting a changed perspective about life, and I can see the fire back in her again. The fire to live to the fullest. 

I was also able to be home to take care of my kids whenever they fall ill and I didn't have to worry about them not receiving the love and care they deserved (should I still be in the system, and have to hire a full-time helper to care for them). 

Happiness is a very big part of my life now, because I have spent my entire life looking for it, and I have finally found it. I can't wait for everyone around me to discover this amazing life force that powers the mind, body and spirit. It is invigorating! 

In this short course, I will be teaching you:
-How to find the purpose of your life
-What to do when you hit rock bottom
-Unlearning all that you've learnt
-Simplify your life and say goodbye to toxic relationships
-How to achieve freedom

You will find this course to be useful if any (or all) of the below applies to you. 

-You are sick and tired of your daily routine
-You would like to fire your boss
-You would like to turn your life around 
-You want to get out of your current situation
-You want to create happiness in your life
-You are unsure of what your life's purpose is
-You feel stuck and is looking for a way out

-This course is suitable for everyone
-Upon completion of payment, the course material (in pdf) will immediately download onto your device
-There are xx pages altogether
-Links to external pages are underlined in blue