Encouragement Recipe Cards
Encouragement Recipe Cards
Encouragement Recipe Cards
Encouragement Recipe Cards
Encouragement Recipe Cards
Encouragement Recipe Cards

Encouragement Recipe Cards

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A recipe book of 12 Asian-focused plant-led recipes, each  focusing on a key ingredient that is easy to cook, nutritious and delicious.

These recipe cards are bound together and presented in the form of a table-top flip calendar (except there are no dates here) so that you can use them with ease without the book snapping shut or pages flying while cooking.

Each key ingredient also features an encouraging life quote to keep you going positively in life; perfect for someone who needs a boost of confidence in the kitchen and in life. 

Flip between recipes and life quotes. 

This recipe collection focuses on simple, comforting, wholesome recipes while not compromising on taste and nutrition. Authored by Super Farmers founder, Cynthea, this collection includes recipes created by her and her family. 

Cynthea eschews dietary labels and prefers to eat what the body truly needs. Her mantra is "never waste precious stomach space"; only feed yourself with foods that bring you joy and healing properties. Also, indulge with balance without ever depriving yourself first and foremost. 

Sample Recipe

Lemongrass Kecap Tempeh

Tempeh has attained its celebrity status of superfood due to its high nutritional values and belly-friendly fermentation process. In this simple Indonesian-style stir-fry, Tempeh is simply tossed with a delicious sauce of kecap manis (sweet black sauce) and lemongrass. Perfect for eating with hot fluffy rice. 

-Tempeh, 1 packet (200g), bite-sized pieces
-Garlic, 3 cloves, minced
-Medium onion, 1, sliced
-Lemongrass, 1 stalk, smashed (cut into halves)
.....more in the Encouragement Recipe Cards

Sample Recipe 

Tofu Nuggets

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