Reviews - Love from the Super Fam

We're thankful for our clients' love, and even more thankful for their time taken to leave a note. 

Extracted from Facebook Reviews

"Cynthea is an awesome teacher. Ashlynn and I had so much fun learning together. Her recipes are easy to follow and we are motivated to learn more."
Shirley Foo

"We had an awesome mummy and daughter cooking lesson with Cynthea! Lovely setup with a beautiful herb garden and microgreens, we were all excited. Dishes made were tasty, healthy and practical for busy moms to make. Thank you so much for the amazing afternoon. Highly recommended for parent-child bonding!"
Celeste Phua

"We had a lovely time doing the Culinary World Tour Japan with Cynthea today. I was actually a bit hesitant with my close to 4yo. Can she keep at attention for 2.5 hours? Isn’t she a bit short to cook or cut or chop anything?! Needn’t have worried. Everything was generally seamless. I think it’s the interaction I had with my baby that made the experience lovely. Thank you Cynthea and team for making it so pleasant. I am looking forward to the next class already.


We had a second session today and it’s Chinese cooking today. More difficult and more challenging but Cynthea kindly guided us through. My little baby came home and told me the best thing she did today was cooking."
Cheryl Soh

"Extraordinary session with Cynthea @ Super Farmers. The experience was definitely more than just cooking! The whole session was so peaceful & enjoyable, my daughter was so excited and always putting her hand up to participate. And, until today I still can’t forget the flavors that Cynthea intro to me, the cooking process was simple yet the taste was so remarkable! Lastly, I will definitely miss her super awesome dream kitchen with a wonderful garden beside it! It’s just so perfect"
Pei Yi

"Attended the apoteacary tea blending workshop at Super Farmers and I would say it is probably the most enjoyable yet healing learning experience. Learnt so much from Cynthea's selfless sharing about her life story and her knowledge on the plants. Harvested and blended some tea during the workshop and even brought a plant I needed most, home to grow. I really enjoyed the workshop so much, I decided to plan our company’s team bonding session there. Thankful for Cynthea and team to come up with the idea of Human Library that got the team to better understand each other. I will really love to recommend this to basically everyone, as it is really an informative and fun learning experience about healing plants over a cuppa of healing tea. Thanks Super Farmers for willingly spreading love and joy!"
Jen Toh

"Kids Day Camps during school holidays are a treat for the little ones! My daughter has been to 3 Super Farmers Day Camps in the past few months. Great way for kids to be exposed to the concept of farm-to-table, have fun making food with freshly-gathered veggies and microgreens from the garden."
Pei Shan

"Can't say enough about what a fantastic time my daughter and I had at Cynthea's Parent-Child cooking course (Vietnam)! Cynthea's passion for sharing her knowledge really shone through - from the herb garden tour (where we picked up some of the ingredients for our dishes) to the time in the kitchen where she both gave a macro and micro perspective on the food and ingredients such as microgreens. We had such a fun time learning so much - so glad we went (my daughter wants to return "a trillion times") and can't wait for the next time!"
Mabel Chow

"Cynthea is very friendly and gives very good tips on herbs and microgreens planting"
June CN Yeo

"Very useful tips and we had great hands on fun doing the workshop at Parkway Parade. Cynthea is a great teacher and super enthusiastic. Very generous in sharing her knowledge of herbs and microgreens. Sign up for her workshops and sessions ! Don’t miss it"

Monica Lim

"Had a great workshop with Super Farmers yesterday. It totally exceeded my expectations. The instructor's passion is infectious and she was really forthcoming and helpful with information. Thank you!"
Lynn Tang

I used their microgreens starter kit for growing Kang Kong. I did it as an experiment with my kids. They had a lot of fun with it! The instructions were easy to understand and the veggies were easy to grow.

I like that the microgreens container is not plastic and the planting media is soil-less.

The after sales service is great too! I’ve gifted these microgreens sets as party favours to encourage the next generation to appreciate the effort that goes into growing the food we eat."
Dinushini Williams

"I didnt attend a workshop with them. However, my 6yo did. They came down to her school and conducted a lesson with them. Ever since, my little "carnivore" who used to hate vegetables fell in love with kang kong! Imagine the surprise all over my face when she begged me to cook kang kong for her. Honestly, i tried so many times before but failed to make her eat up her vegs. So YES, a super thumb UP to Super Farmers for creating this miracle! Thank you!" 
Eliza, parent at Chatsworth