Ariston X Super Farmers

Eating is one of life's greatest pleasures. We believe in eating responsibly and care about what goes into your body. 

We have collaborated with Ariston to create wholesome, nutritious and fuss-free recipe videos for the busy person. In line with Ariston's values of caring for the person and innovating the ways we experience the kitchen, we hope to demonstrate fuss-free ways busy urban warriors can take care of their emotional and physical needs through the joys of cooking nutritious fare.

Ariston believes in taking care of what matters to you in your everyday life. Their products are designed to make your life easier when it comes to cooking your favorite recipes for loved ones. They are constantly improving their performance through cutting edge technology, innovative ergonomics and efficient features. Their collection is designed to make a statement in your home, whilst delivering outstanding performance; Allowing you to care for the things that matter most.

So, enjoy every morsel of the recipes brought to you by Ariston x Super Farmers, worry-free.



Ginger Turmeric Stew 

Warm and assuring, this is a multi-purpose recipe which goes so well with just about anything! Throw in your favourite vegetable and/or protein. This is an anti-inflammatory dish and very healing when the body requires some repair if a cold or flu is present.


Iriko Dashi Noodle Soup

For the person who loves noodle soup but is tired of the processed stock powders out there. Our home-made broth is full of umami and mineral-goodness, and comforting to boot. Good for everyone, big and small, with dietary limitations, who just wants simple comfort.



Northern Thai Chilli Paste 

The Thais eat this on its own, sometimes with a variety of blanched veggies or simply with rice. This is a good light-weight salad perfect for the hot days when you don't feel like anything heavy but still want a little more-ish salad.

Leftover Vegetable Fritters

On days when we truly haven't gone grocery shopping and the kids are hungry, we whip up a simple fritter with whatever is still leftover in the fridge. You can be creative and add anything from salmon to even cooked rice for a more-ish meal. Feel no guilt when your kids have so much delicious nutrition and fibre in a little fritter!

Basic Chicken Stir Fry

This dish takes only 10 minutes to prepare and 5 to cook. This is one fail-proof recipe that is comforting to have with hot fluffy rice when you're in a hurry to soothe the rumbling tummy!

Crispy Edamame

Healthy, full of plant protein and delicious, this is good for the 4pm hunger pangs or even as a party snack. Experiment with your own preferences of spices and consider steaming it for children as a healthy alternative.

Crispy Kale Chips 

This healthy snack is easy to make and with Kale so easily available from most supermarkets these days, it's no excuse to skip making this. All you need is Kale. Salt and Oil!

Basic Vegetable Broth

How many times have you felt so tired after work all you crave for is a nice, warm bowl of soup? This basic vegetable broth is versatile enough to be eaten on its own or used as the base for rice vermicelli, macaroni or even to make porridge. It is filled with plant-based goodness and definitely nutritious enough as a daily must-have.

Easy Banana Bread

So many people we've met told us they can't bake, neither can we! What's amazing about this recipe, is that it's so simple, anyone can make it. All you need are just simple ingredients that are accessible in all supermarkets big or small.