CLARITY - Apoteacary™ Tea-Blending Guide

Congratulations on starting your Clarity journey with this tea-blending kit!
All the ingredients in this kit have been carefully picked by our in-house nutritionist to bring you the most effective experience.

We sometimes feel brain fog, indecisiveness and need a boost of inspiration. Beyond the nutritional efficacies these herbs bring, they also provide wisdom and 'opens up' the mind to allow a flow of ideas. For instance, the saying 'sage advice' refers to a wise advice, or a 'sage' refers to a wise old man - sage is an age-old herb known for its wisdom-inducing properties.

Please take some time to slow down to read the efficacies and nutritional benefits of each ingredient. And then select 2 - 3 ingredients to be placed in the tea bags provided, to make a teaspoon's worth (about 3g).

Steep your filled tea bags in 200ml of boiling hot water to allow the heat to draw out the beautiful aroma of each ingredient for 5 - 10 mins, before taking a breath in of the fragrance and taking your first sip.

Each cup is good for one refill.


- improves cognitive function & memory
- eases stress & anxiety
- improves circulation
- refreshes and reinvigorates from fatigue and mental strain
- promotes liver and digestive health
- loaded with antioxidants
- improves skin health
- supports oral health
- antifungal & antimicrobial properties
- benefits mental health (reduces memory deficits)
- source of Vitamin C for immune health, tissue repair & collagen synthesis
- benefits heart health
- cancer fighting properties
- reduces stress & anxiety
- stimulates detoxing
- protects against infections
- eases inflammation & joint pain
- lowers cholesterol
- improves cognitive focus and concentration
- rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamins B1, B2 & C
- improves sleep quality
- effective in treating fever
- improves cognitive function, memory & brain health
- increases antioxidant defences
- Vitamin K supports bone health
- combats skin ageing
- eases menopause symptoms
- improves brain function & well-being
- reduces anxiety & depression
- supports eye health
- improves circulation
- reduces symptoms of dementia
- aids digestion
- source of vitamin A, B6 & C to support a healthy immune system
- reduces risk of Type 2 diabetes