Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I pick and choose the herbs I want in the Herb Pot
Unfortunately as plants are seasonal and subject to availability, we're unable to customise the plant mix. Also, some plants may be better suited with other specific plants, so we will pair them together based on compatibility. 

Q: How do I take care of the Herb Pot I have purchased?

-For edible plants, water until the soil is thoroughly moist but ensure it dries completely in between watering, either daily or once every two days.
-Place it in a brightly-lit and well-ventilated spot, away from the direct sun
-Always use your gut feel when dealing with plants; Plants are just like us, always evolving and display emotions
-Over time, you will need to transplant the plant into a bigger pot when it is showing signs of root bound. 

Q: How do I take care of the Succulents/Indoor Plants I have purchased?
-Succulents and fleshy plants from the cacti family appreciate just one or two teaspoons of water directly into the soil once a week
-Indoor plants require watering just once a week. Water sparingly using a teaspoon until soil is moistened.

Q: Can I get a refund on plants?
A: Unfortunately, we're not able to issue a refund for plants and live products. Having said that, we will ensure your plants arrive healthy. We time our production sessions and shipments to ensure that plants don't linger in transit over the weekend.

Q: What are the messages printed on the card?
:  All Herb Pots come with a complimentary message card to match the occasion.
The front of the card is printed with the message and the back features care instructions. The messages available are:

-To comfort someone who's going through a tough time
Sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.

-To comfort an unwell friend
Keep fighting, keep believing!

To send some positivity
You'll be just fine

-To send some affirmation
You've got this

-To apologise
I'm sorry

-To express your love
I love you. You annoy me more than I ever thought possible.But I want to spend every irritating minute with you.

- To wish someone Happy Birthday
And so I wish you all the good things, Happy Birthday

-To congratulate someone

-To celebrate Christmas
It's the most wonderful time of the year special occasion
Just because everyday of your life is special 

Q: How can I add a personalised message to the message card?
A: Simply email us ( the message (no more than 30 words) and we'll hand-write it on your behalf.