Fresh Tea Elixir - Tea Blending Guide

Congratulations on starting your Apoteacary™Fresh Resilience Tea journey here with us at Super Farmers. 

All the ingredients in this tea-blending kit have been carefully curated by our in-house nutritionist to bring you the most effective experience.

Resilience is the body's ability to withstand challenging changes and quickly recover from them without damage. 

With the help of the powers of these chosen botanicals, you'll be able to experience a boost of resilience to your health. 

Please take some time to slow down to read the efficacies and nutritional benefits of each ingredient. And then select 2 - 3 ingredients to be placed in the tea bags provided, to make a teaspoon's worth (about 3g).

Steep your filled tea bags in 200ml of boiling hot water to allow the heat to draw out the beautiful aroma of each ingredient for 5 - 10 mins, before taking a breath in of the fragrance and taking your first sip.

Each cup is good for one refill.

 At a quick glance: