GOOD GUT - Apoteacary™ Tea-Blending Guide

Congratulations on starting your Good Gut journey with this tea-blending kit!
All the ingredients in this kit have been carefully picked by our in-house nutritionist to bring you the most effective experience.

Our body is one big muscle that goes through peristalsis, the squeeze-and-release movement that moves matter along. Our longest muscle is the elementary canal that helps excrete digested matter and liquids, while absorbing the nutrients the body needs. However, sluggishness and an imbalance caused by an overgrowth of organisms like parasites and bacteria, and inflammation can cause us to feel bloated and even painful.

Keeping it balanced is key, and these ingredients aim to do that. Physically, whenever you feel bloated, painful and sluggish, lie horizontal, flat on your back to allow the best position for your intestinal actions to take place.

Please take some time to slow down to read the efficacies and nutritional benefits of each ingredient. And then select 2 - 3 ingredients to be placed in the tea bags provided, to make a teaspoon's worth (about 3g).

Steep your filled tea bags in 200ml of boiling hot water to allow the heat to draw out the beautiful aroma of each ingredient for 5 - 10 mins, before taking a breath in of the fragrance and taking your first sip.

Each cup is good for one refill.


- aids digestive problems (nausea, vomiting & ulcers)
- antibacterial effects that fight food poisoning causing bacteria & stomach inflammation
- helps with weight loss
- treats bad breath and prevents cavities (promotes oral health)
- lowers blood sugar
- powerful source of antioxidants so much so that it can act as a natural food preservative
- helps fight infections & repair tissue damage
- anti-inflammatory properties
- contains antioxidant flavonoids that dilate blood vessels, improve blood flow
- protects blood vessel from damage
- aids recovery from mild to moderate heart related ailments (heart failure, chest pain)
- treats circulatory & respiratory disorders
- treat stomach ulcers by increasing production of gastric mucus
- lowers risk of osteoporosis
- source of manganese (essential mineral for brain and bone health)
- high in antioxidants
- promotes liver health
- improves digestion
- normalises blood sugar levels
- lowers cholesterol
- mild laxative effect
- used as a diuretic (increase urine flow for fluid elimination)
- treats chronic indigestion & reduces nausea
- main bioactive compound, gingerol, has powerful anti-inflammatory & antioxidant effects
- helps with weight loss
- helps manage menstrual pain
- antioxidant & antimicrobial properties
- supports healthy digestive system
- protects stomach lining
- helps with weight loss
- relieves symptoms of PMS
- flavonoids reduces stomach discomfort & symptoms of indigestion (bloating, nausea & flatulence)
- antioxidants specifically found in Perilla leaf effectively eradicates free radicals
- prevents growth of bacteria in the mouth & prevents cavities