MOOD LIFT - Apoteacary™ Tea-Blending Guide

Congratulations on starting your mood lifting journey with this tea-blending kit!
All the ingredients in this kit have been carefully picked by our in-house nutritionist to bring you the most effective experience.

Like the ebb and flow of life, our moods go through phases of lows and highs, and it is most natural to want to feel happy, joyous and positive all the time. However, we must be adaptive with the lows, not-so-good, negative times, as we honour their presence because they help to bring us life's greatest insights!

Please take some time to slow down to read the efficacies and nutritional benefits of each ingredient. And then select 2 - 3 ingredients to be placed in the tea bags provided, to make a teaspoon's worth (about 3g).

Steep your filled tea bags in 200ml of boiling hot water to allow the heat to draw out the beautiful aroma of each ingredient for 5 - 10 mins, before taking a breath in of the fragrance and taking your first sip.

Each cup is good for one refill.

Tea Blending Ingredients 

- improves cognitive function & improves memory
- eases stress & anxiety
- improves circulation
- refreshes and reinvigorates from fatigue and mental strain
- promotes liver and digestive health
- boosts metabolism and promotes weight loss
- improves hydration
- rich in antioxidants
- helps with menstrual pain
- lowers blood sugar
- antioxidants that prevent cellular damage from free radicals
- improves digestion (stimulate digestive juices & facilitate bowel movement)
- lower inflammation & slows growth of cancer cells
- regulates cholesterol
- relieves stress and boosts mood and sense of calm
- boosts cognitive function (concentration and memory)
- eases insomnia and sleep disorders
- eases menstrual cramps
- helps with indigestion and nausea
- supports heart health
- helps with weight management
- prevents kidney stones
- improves absorption of iron from food (prevents anaemia)
- improves cognitive function, memory & brain health
- increases antioxidant defences
- combats skin ageing
- eases menopause symptoms
- Vitamin K in sage supports bone health
- promotes longevity & high levels of energy
- promotes weight loss
- protects against premature ageing
- safeguards against diabetes
- source of vitamin A, B6 & C (supports healthy immune system)
- aids digestion
- reduces risk of Type 2 diabetes