SLEEP WELL - Apoteacary™ Tea-Blending Guide

Congratulations on starting your Sleep Well journey with this tea-blending kit!
All the ingredients in this kit have been carefully picked by our in-house nutritionist to bring you the most effective experience.

Stress has always been blamed for sleep disturbances like shallow sleep, insomnia, non-continuity of sleep, and more. However, through our own research, we've found out further that worry is a key contributor to disturbed sleep. And this aspect of life requires not just tea that helps to calm the busy mind, and relax the body, but a self-initiated practice to stop worrying about things you have no control over.

No one in the world can predict what tomorrow may bring, so remembering that is an imperative first step. We shouldn't be projecting worry energies because they could manifest into reality. So, keeping our minds balanced without heavy energies is a first step in this practice.

Please take some time to slow down to read the efficacies and nutritional benefits of each ingredient. And then select 2 - 3 ingredients to be placed in the tea bags provided, to make a teaspoon's worth (about 3g).

Steep your filled tea bags in 200ml of boiling hot water to allow the heat to draw out the beautiful aroma of each ingredient for 5 - 10 mins, before taking a breath in of the fragrance and taking your first sip.

Each cup is good for one refill.



- lowers blood pressure
- weight loss
- contains cancer-combatting properties
- aids digestive problems (nausea, vomiting & ulcers)
- improves melatonin levels to support sleep
- aids insomnia
- regulates mood and reduces anxiety & depression
- reduces menstrual pain
- reduces pain and inflammation
- antioxidants that prevent cellular damage from free radicals
- lower inflammation & slows growth of cancer cells
- improves digestion (stimulate digestive juices & facilitate bowel movement)
- lowers blood sugar
- relieves stress and boosts mood and sense of calm
- eases insomnia and sleep disorders
- eases menstrual cramps
- aids headaches and toothaches
- relieves headaches and migraines
- relieves sinuses (antiviral & anti-inflammatory properties)
- improves sleep
- improves energy levels throughout the day
- weight loss
- improves sleep quality
- effective in treating fever
- improves cognitive focus and concentration
- promotes lung health & relieves cough
- rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamins B1, B2 & C
- supports immune function
- promotes healthy skin
- improves depression, anxiety
- promotes sleep
- stabilizes blood sugar
- lowers blood sugar levels
- lowers cholesterol
- monoterpene compounds provide anticancer properties
- calcium, magnesium and phosphorus promotes bone health