Self-Love Mini Series

We're all born with an un-extinguisable infinite amount of goodness that is our innate self-love. Along the way, each time we experienced something bad, or got told not to love ourselves, it got suppressed a little, until we began to develop self-doubt. One of the key things we can instantly do to lift ourselves up is to first understand this concept of self-love. It is there, squished, blocked, suppressed, conditioned, and awaiting your initiation to free it.⁠

So, if you're using phrases like "I am not beautiful", "I am useless", "I'm not good enough", "I don't deserve...", you might want to observe your thought patterning that perpetuates more un-self-love. It's time to do some paradigm shifting that isn't going to be easy, but be open to it, and it will change your life forever. ⁠

We embark on our first mini series to understand topics of the emotional self, particularly Self-Love, in order to live with abundance of happiness and authenticity! 

Episode 1 - The Energetic Self 
Your self-love is a journey of discovering happiness. But, what is happiness? Happiness is actually not an euphoric or rapturous feeling. In fact, it is an even, calm and peaceful feeling that everything is going to be ok. ⁠⁣
So, to "buy yourself some happiness" is a misnomer and in fact very good news because you don't need to be rich to be happy! ⁠⁣


Episode 2 - Conditioning
"The fear of not having enough money is the reason people might get themselves into credit card debts, acquiring loans they can hardly repay and develop the mindset that they will never have enough." ⁠

Episode 3 - Understanding Symptoms
Healing, such a loose term in the world of '10-day challenges' or 'one-pill cures'. ⁠

We don't take the word 'Healing' lightly, it is a lifelong affair of learning, unlearning and learning again. It is not just a nice image or workout regime or inspirational quote on the gram. ⁠

It is such a deep, ugly-looking, tear-inducing journey of pains, bad memories, sadness, anger and disappointments, to get to the bottom of our real authentic, pure selves, in order to make good with the damaged parts of our good selves. ⁠

Never let anyone tell you they can 'heal' you because only you can ever heal yourself. ⁠

Episode 4 - Your Journey
If you watched the movie Interstellar, you'd remember a scene where Matthew Mcconaughey's character falls into a black hole and he was able to go back in time (through a timeline) and make good of his past (through the book shelves). ⁠

Imagine our lives as a similar scene, where we're able to go back into our timelines, and through paradigm shifts based on our memories, change our future. ⁠

This is how you can create the life that you want. ⁠
Dwelling in old dialogues ensures you will create a future you do not want. ⁠

Episode 5 - Our Emotions
Because, like attracts like.⁠

If you'd like a bad situation in your life to stop, go within to identify the emotion that could be attracting this very situation and allow yourself to not fuel that emotion anymore. ⁠

Once that emotion you've identified isn't fueled anymore, the emotion isn't strong enough to attract the same energy creating the predicament, thereby putting a stop to the episode. ⁠

Life is a lesson, and emotions always lead the way. ⁠

Episode 6 - What is Success?
So, are you one of those who'd declare "My goal is to have $1M in my bank account by the time I'm 30."?⁠

Won't you feel so unaccomplished if you didn't meet this goal by your own deadline?⁠

Money and possessions are not real success metrics in life. ⁠

Instead, you can audit your life to see what you actually have done in terms of being a person who: ⁠

-cares about your family ⁠
-is loyal to your partner ⁠
-gleans wisdom from life's experiences⁠
-takes the time to pursue a passion⁠
-provide support no matter how big or small to another person in need⁠

This is your True Success. ⁠

Episode 7 - Mean-ness
Being mean doesn't just include obvious outward actions of bullying or demeaning others. Blaming is also a trait of being mean. ⁠

Because when you blame something or someone, you're pushing away every bit of responsibility to find answers that can resolve problems, and that is a mean thing to do. ⁠

Blaming is an undesirable trait but unfortunately, we also blame ourselves a lot. You must've heard this before "you only have yourself to blame". (let's never say that to anyone, that's a mean thing to say!) ⁠

Remember, what we want, is to resolve problems so that we can uncover the unbridled self-love that is you. ⁠

Episode 8 - The Authentic You
Thank you for being with us as we arrive at our final instalment of this mini series on Self-Love. ⁠

We have received many DMs from you. Hearing your stories, and knowing how our mini series has helped you and walked alongside you on your healing journey brings us immense joy and fulfillment. ⁠

This is not the end of the excavation work. In fact, we've only skimmed the surface. Stick around and we'll be digging even further next. Remember, real heart work has no vanity around it, so, let's all put down our facades and pretensions and get working on what's in the way of uncovering our authentic selves.⁠

Why do we want to uncover our authentic selves? ⁠
Because our job on earth is to live with happiness. ⁠