Tiong Bahru Pop-up Store

The Super Farmers pop-up store was our first foray into the retail space to showcase a slow lifestyle of plants, art and self-care.

We teamed up with cold-pressed juicing company A Juicery and skincare boutique Mmerci Encore to create a plant-based lifestyle environment for customers to watercolour jam, be surrounded by plants, have a juice break and go home with some plant gifts and luxurious botanical skincare products. 

Located at the lifestyle enclave of Tiong Bahru, alongside Books Actually, Plain Vanilla Bakery, Yoga Movement and Forty Hands cafe, Super Farmers was housed within creative agency, TOFU, and provided a refreshing burst of greenery and sanctuary for Singapore's hip urbanites for four months, from May to September 2015. 

Store Facade Illustrations & Wall Calligraphy by Farisia Thang