Turn Back The Clock

The Channel News Asia production "Turn Back The Clock", is a five-part series about how reversing the effects of aging may be possible. 

Through an elaborate suite of social experiments, hosted and facilitated by a Social Psychologist, together with a Sports Trainer, Nurse and us, Super Farmers, we created an environment that a group of elderly folks could thrive in, that unknowingly also became their live-in laboratory. 

Our experiments proved fruitful, and the program well-documented these results that can be used in future changes to better the lives of the aging population of Singapore and the world. We feel very honoured to have been part of this life-changing program, and endeavour to carry on applying CNA's good findings to create real impact to our aging population.

Turn Back The Clock aired on Channel News Asia from late 2016 to early 2017, and is a Mediacorp production.


Program Trailer "The Magic of Choice" 

"I engaged the help of Super Farmers for a project at a nursing home. 

I wanted to bring a large and varied selection of plants to a group of seniors, and let them choose for themselves which ones they want to decorate their communal space.

Despite the unusual requirements, Super Farmers readily took on the challenge and helped me figure out the tricky logistics, and was entirely hands-on throughout the planning process. It's also a bonus that Cynthea was a joy to work with and stayed just as invested as I was to make the project possible.

I would recommend Super Farmers if you'd like to have a pleasant working experience!"

Tang Hui Huan
Producer, Mediacorp