Apoteacary™ Teas - Rest Blend
Apoteacary™ Teas - Rest Blend
Apoteacary™ Teas - Rest Blend
Apoteacary™ Teas - Rest Blend
Apoteacary™ Teas - Rest Blend
Apoteacary™ Teas - Rest Blend

Apoteacary™ Teas - Rest Blend

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Apoteacaryᵀᴹ is a caffeine-free remedial series of tisanes made with herbs, spices and flowers that have therapeutic benefits for your health. Concocted by our nutritionist using only natural ingredients, Apoteacaryᵀᴹ blends aim to help improve your physical and emotional well-being by combining Eastern and Western herbal wisdom. 

Apoteacaryᵀᴹ is like therapy in a cup. 

The REST blend 

REST is a delicious blend of Asian-focused spices, herbs and flowers that are selected for their calming properties. 

Taste notes: earthy, lightly floral, lightly citrus

REST is an antidote for moments of anxiety, despair, restlessness, insomnia and a perfect conclusion to the day for relaxation. 

The REST effect

You will feel instantly relaxed, composed, light and experience an ease of life, no matter how challenging the situation. 

We recommend drinking REST to any one (or all) of these affirmative statements, best read aloud in your heart. Read one a day, or all, and feel free to repeat them for as many times as you wish to. 

The REST affirmations
-I acknowledge the things I cannot change and I will go with the flow
-I acknowledge my presence in the present moment 
-I acknowledge the worries that plague me and I will face each one of them in due time
-I acknowledge the situation I am in, is the perfect situation I am in
-I acknowledge I am perfect being who I am as I am being my authentic self
-I acknowledge I feel the strong emotions ravaging me and I now allow them to leave 
-I acknowledge the fears I have been holding on to can now unshackle themselves
-I acknowledge I am seeking calm, balance and ease
-I acknowledge I am seeking clarity and now allow myself to see my life with clarity

The REST ritual
-Steep a REST teabag in 200 - 300ml of boiling water to release the essential oils from the herbs and spices
-Let it steep for 5 - 7 minutes while inhaling the aroma in the steam
-Take the first sip and read any one (or all) of the affirmative statements that befits your current state of being
-Take a breath
-Slowly continue to sip on your tea until the warm-ness of the tea envelops you like a warm hug
-Conclude with a "Thank you, me" (this is a very important step) 

The REST repertoire
Ingredients: Melissa officinalis (Lemon Balm), Moringa oleifera (Moringa), Lavandula (Lavender), Coriandrum sativum (coriander seeds), Elettaria cardamomum (Cardamom)

Contains: 10 pyramid tea bags
Made in Singapore

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