Microgreens Starter Kit - Chinese Kale
Microgreens Starter Kit - Chinese Kale
Microgreens Starter Kit - Chinese Kale
Microgreens Starter Kit - Chinese Kale
Microgreens Starter Kit - Chinese Kale

Microgreens Starter Kit - Chinese Kale

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Take the guesswork out of growing vegetable microgreens with this charming Super Farmers Microgreens Starter Kit that is designed for the aspiring urban farmer who is developing green fingers. 

This single kit is a complete set of the following items: 
-A bag of premium organic compost mix
-A bag of non-GMO loose seeds (approx. 200)
-Tub for growing 
-Recipe card
-Instruction guide 

The vegetable variety in this kit is Chinese Kale.

Why Super Farmers' Microgreens Starter Kits?
Because we have a proven 99% success growth rate. 

Our secret? 
-Our non-GMO and non-coated viable seeds from Singapore and Malaysia. 
-Our mineral-rich premium, organic compost mix (which is actually soil-less!) also ensures high nutritional content to elevate your health. 

How Sustainable Is This Product?
We will not stop trying. 
As of September 2022, after many iterations of improvements, we have become 90% plastic-free. 

Here are the steps we have taken to do so: 

Germany-sourced Paper Pulp
The paper pulp of our paper pots are sourced from sustainable sources in Germany. The pots are lined with plant-based plastic for durability. 

Non-GMO Seeds
Our seeds are non-GMO and non-coated and are sourced from farms across Singapore and Malaysia to lessen our carbon footprint. 

Soy-based Ink Printing
All of our labels are printed using soy ink. Compared to traditional petroleum-based ink, soy-based ink is accepted as more environmentally friendly. While slower to dry than many inks, it makes it easier to recycle paper.

Recycled Fabric Paper Packaging
All of our soil and seeds are bagged in recycled fabric-paper that is lined with plant-plastic for moisture control.

Minimal Resources Required
Growing microgreens take little resources as they're harvested in half the time than fully-grown vegetables require. Growing them in our paper pots also ensures no leaching into the earth that traditional vegetable farming faces as those would need fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides. 

What are Microgreens?
Microgreens are the babies of vegetables that are specifically eaten at day 10 - 14 for their power packed nutrition.

They are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and a super easy and convenient way to supplement your nutritional intake to better meet the demands of modern lifestyles. Despite their small size, microgreens contain much higher nutritional value than mature vegetables.

How to eat Microgreens?
Microgreens have aromatic flavours and are best consumed raw right after they are harvested. Add just a handful to sandwiches, smoothies or garnish warm dishes such as noodles, stir-fries and curries. The options are endless! Click here for our microgreens recipes that we have created

What is the shelf life?
Our kits have a shelf life of 3-6 months from the time of delivery if kept in dry and cool conditions. Do not refrigerate.

To ensure freshness and viability, we produce our Microgreens Starter Kits in small batches.