2019 is Here

Happy 2019 to you! 

I wonder if you've entered into 2019 feeling like you haven't quite finished looking at resolving 2018's issues. As we enter into most new years, we sometimes force ourselves to forget it all in order to start afresh. But do we really?

The truth is, we know very well how we might end up forgoing making new year's goals altogether, because we're still working on the goals we've made in 2008. 

I am a great believer of slowly but surely, always reminding myself that baby steps are better than stagnating. We may not get the chance to see the big picture all at once, but trust that any baby steps will start the gears in action immediately. You won't get to see any overnight big changes just yet. 

So the first thing we must all do is to stop beating ourselves up. It's ok to have no goals for the year. It's ok to have unfinished business from last year. 

We're in this together with you. 

First of all, it is time to look back at everything that has happened in 2018, and identify + acknowledge the improvements (no matter how slight) you have made. 

When I decided to do the same for Super Farmers, I decided to create a visual journey that would span 12 pictures, and then create a calendar out of these pictures to remind my team and I of how far we have come. 

You can view and download our 2019 calendar here

In the coming posts, I want to share with you how to create a sustained effort to slowly but surely make the changes we want in our lives, starting by embracing self-care. 

Remember the famous quote from philosopher, Heraclitus, "The only constant in life is change".

Let's begin by being open to change.