5 Gift Ideas to Encourage a Slow Life, for Healing, and for Happiness

It is that time of the year again – the season of giving! We hear Christmas songs piping through every speaker at the malls , and how can anyone not notice the extensive Christmas lights along Orchard Road that never fail to bring the spirit of Christmas to town. 

Christmas does remind us of good things… until you realize that you’re already knee-deep in December and you still have no idea what to get for that company Christmas exchange or family gathering! 

No worries! We’re here to give you some gift ideas to encourage slow living, healing and happiness. (And all local too!)

1. Reminder jewellery

(Photos from The Mindful Company Lookbook)

Like us, The Mindful Company believes that the world can do with a little more kindness, and have incorporated important messages in their reminder bracelets. It’s always nice to be reminded that you are beautiful, have courage, and that you are enough.

These are unique gifts that are not only pretty and functional; They also act as special messages to those who need them — the perfect gift in this season of love and light.

2. Slow Down Tea

If you happen to know a friend who drinks tea, get them some! 
A cup of flavourful tea works magic to make one’s day better, and gifting tea to your friend is a great reminder for them to sit back and reflect. If you want something out of the ordinary, check out the interesting flavours from Ette Tea like Ice Kacang tea, or the Chicken Rice flavour if you are feeling adventurous.

Teas are not only good encouragement to slow down and relax; Many of them also carry healing properties. For example, peppermint teas are good for soothing an upset stomach, and also acts as a good perk-me-up to battle lethargy. If you have noticed that someone has been looking tired, maybe that box of peppermint tea will make a perfect gift.

3. An Experience

 has been scientifically proven that what creates lasting positive feelings is the “Experience Gift”. That means if you have a friend or family member who loves cooking, sign them up for a cooking class. Book a spa session to pamper your parents. Your options are limitless.

First of all, you show that you care enough about that person to know their interests, needs or wants. Secondly, you show your sincerity through looking for the right experience for them. If your partner likes unique craft classes, searching for them wouldn’t be easy and they would appreciate your effort and attention.

Other times, you can create the experience. Make a 3-course meal for your loved ones or bring your children to the bowling alley for some family fun. Sometimes your time is really the best present.

4. Plants

We strongly advocate plants as the best presents to gift for any occasion! There are great plants for beginners like the Devil’s Ivy, herbs for the chef who loves to cook, and easy-to-care succulents for the busy ones.

Adding greens to your home actually carry a lot of benefits that could easily make up another blog post, so let us summarize it for you. It relaxes and heals you, spending time with your plant encourages you to take a break from work, and thus work to raise your happiness level.

This makes plants great gifts for your co-workers, friends, and family. Add a personalized note, and you’re done! 

5. Jar Packages

The aim of this present is to keep happiness in a jar! The best part is if you already have mason jars, or any other glass jars at home, you can fill it with goodies that you know your friend would love. Some ideas include of course, plants.

You can fill jars with everything from your friend’s favourite chocolates, to the salted pistachios that your dad loves! If you want to level up your gifting game, get a broader jar that can hold more items. You can then personalize your jars – like spa-in-a-jar with foot spa salts, hand cream, and other travel sized items that will fit into your jar.

(Photo from: The Gunny Sack)

The final product will look pretty and neat, and you can personalize different gifts depending on whom you are giving it to!

Christmas is about presents, but it is more importantly about spending time with your loved ones and showing appreciation. So more than just the gifts that matter, make extra effort to pay a compliment, talk to your family more, and be kind to strangers. It is a day of love after all. Share some love!

Written by Ange Chua
Edited by Cynthea Lam

Ange Chua is an aspiring bird-watcher trying to fix her black thumbs. When she is not writing, you'd find her drinking tea out of teacups or reading in bed with her dog. She thinks her spirit animal is an alpaca.