Cleaning With Nature On Our Side

Dirt is always a big part of nature. That is a facet of life that we’ve embraced here at Super Farmers as we encourage kids and adults alike to experience tactile fun and get themselves grubby with nature. Living in a clean city with sterile environments like Singapore’s, it may be hard for us to believe that dirt can be any good for health. Interestingly, the dirt from soil is beneficial and contributes to a more robust immunity system and improved mood. We believe in seeking balance in the things we do, and acknowledge that dirtiness has a place and time, as do cleanliness.

So you can imagine how fussy we are when it comes to keeping things clean; We choose nature over chemicals, mindful designs over aesthetics, always.

For over a year, we’ve been using Ecover’s household cleaning products to upkeep our space - including our floors, food-contact surfaces, fabrics, stove, oven and refrigerator. We love how efficient they are, while only harnessing the powers of nature to do its job.

Ecover’s surfactants are made of
biologically produced yeast, usually found naturally in bumblebee hives, instead of the cheaper option, Petroleum. Its packaging for its Zero Washing Up Liquid, a dish-washing detergent, is made from 50% recycled plastic and 50% recycled ocean plastic, making this a super earth-friendly must-have in our kitchen (Even its cap is now made of the fully recyclable plastic polypropylene, and they have shrunk it so that less plastic would end up being thrown away) 

Its business goal is to become a force for good, and it does so by placing a paramount focus on improving the health and livelihood of its team, community and customers - which isn’t a surprise they’re a certified B corporation. Its emphasis on social impact over profit as a measure of success truly resonates with us, as we continue to create every Super Farmers program, product and process with true social impact and eco-mindfulness in mind.

Nature has again taught us a great lesson here - We can improve our approach to problem-solving through mindful designs, with the mantra of People Over Profits.

Super Farmers works in collaboration with Ecover Singapore to create chemical-free, mindfully-clean spaces in our HOUSE. All Ecover products can be found at and selected physical and online supermarkets.

Written by Siti Nabihah
Edited by Cynthea Lam