Nutrition & Cooking Course

Over the years, we have been advocating growing our own food because of several reasons including: 
-less waste when we grow/harvest only what we need
-less carbon footprint 
-unbeatable freshness of the produce 
-reconnecting with nature as we often feel detached from it due to modern-life advances and responsibilities
-to gain a life skill that isn't taught in school

However, the most important reason of all is, we grow our own food to ensure that we will get to eat well. Eating well is such a broad term, and somewhat a misused term as well. A lot of people associate eating well with becoming vegan, buying organic or avoiding sugar like the plague.

While we agree that eating well is important, we advocate more for a balanced lifestyle. In our world, a balanced lifestyle includes not just discerning food choices, but also allowing mindset shifts and maintaining good emotional health. 

And right now, we're knee-deep designing our very first Nutrition & Cooking Course, one that would help many fellow Singaporeans gain the confidence to cook healthy fare. 

This course would be ideal for the following types of people:
-People dealing with illnesses
-People undergoing treatments
-People looking to overhaul their dietary habits
-People looking to cook healthy fare for their families
-People who wish to gain the fundamental techniques and skills about cooking
-People who appreciate a plant-heavy diet
-People who wish to learn about nutrition 

Designed to give you all the information you'll need from cooking techniques to nutritional contents, this course isn't just another cooking class that covers textbook information; It is an intimate one-on-one session where you'll be free and safe to discuss your health and culinary concerns with us. 

The modular nature of the course also means you'll get to learn what you truly wish to, and achieve your dietary goals. For example, if you're on a weight-loss journey and you're clueless about what to cook based on the food limitations you have been given, we're here to guide you along with sustainable steps and easy-to-follow recipes. Our goal is to help you be the best version of you.

All of our curriculum is designed by founder, Cynthea's personal research on food and nutrition for almost a decade since her daughter's health problem, and reviewed by a nutritionist. 

The mantra we live by is "Listen To Your Body", because no matter how much science and research tries to prove, our bodies are actually all different. So, our one-on-one sessions would allow us to customise the learning experience unique to you, and exclusively for you. 

Look out for our Nutrition & Cooking Course, dropping real soon!
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