Slow Down and Heal

Image Credit: Kisho Kurokawa

I want to share with you an amazing story: 

I'm witnessing too many people around me struggling with cancers these days, and my family too, isn't spared. In my mother's family alone, out of 8 members, 4 have been diagnosed with cancers. 2 have passed on, and 2 are still living with it. 

Miraculously, both surviving siblings have reported significant decreases in cancer marker levels, and the doctors are scratching their heads because one of them was actually diagnosed with terminal cancer. 

What happened? 

He gave up fighting the disease, slowed down, and decided to focus on being happy. He used to be an angry man, always rushing to make money, rushing to fulfill his duties as a father, husband and a businessman. However, that made him an unpleasant man on all fronts. 

After his diagnosis, he gave up his business, lived simply and indulged in family moments. Suddenly, the same person who was once heavily jaundiced and unhealthily thin gained back some weight and turned a healthy shade of pink again!

The doctors had actually opened him up hoping to remove the cancerous tumours but sewn him back up immediately after because the tumours had grown around his pancreas and were just too dangerous to remove. Their advice to him was, "Go enjoy whatever time is left with your family". And that's what he did. 

4 years on, he's still well and alive and having the best days of his life by dedicating himself to what matters most - his family. These days he's always laughing - which is a very rare thing in the past! His tumours have receded, some have dissolved on their own and mostly become inactive. He takes things as they come, and relishes in the happy, simple moments.


Image Credit: Martin Adams

Are you a rusher? Perhaps you may want to consciously slow down.  

Many people rush to get well (the irony!), rush to work, rush to please others, rush to be successful, rush to be validated, rushing to catch the train, they look rushed, and they're always saying "I'm rushing". 

It's time to stop rushing, and instead find ways to slow down. Soon, you will find yourself becoming more productive, and have clarity about life, and even start healing! 

Remember: Every time you feel like you're rushing, you can tell yourself to stop, and breathe. 

Let's go slow and never rush; Life is meant to be savoured, in its own perfect time - Cynthea Lam