Why We Love Mornings (and Why You Should Too)

Mornings mean tea, or coffee. It means news, sun rise, and sunny side ups. Mornings are typically associated with new beginnings, and a reminder that it is a brand new day. For different people, it carries varying beauties. In this article, we explore some of the reasons why we love our mornings.

Founder of Super Farmers, Cynthea Lam, shares her little morning love with us—

For me, I love the mornings because after sending the kids to school, I have freedom! I am finally able to focus on myself, by taking my own sweet time, and making a cup of hot tea while whiffs of my neighbours' morning coffees fill the air, interspersed with scents of the office lady's perfume and men's deodorant. I go on to pack a healthy lunch for the office while birds chirp loudly outside my window and the school buses honk impatiently below. All my senses feel invigorated in the morning and this state of being prepares me well to face the long day ahead.”

The morning is so lovable for many reasons, first of all, what's there not to love about the morning sun? Freshly risen like hot buns from the oven, it is the perfect temperature balanced with the cool breeze that usually accompanies mornings, unlike the afternoon heat. It is the time of the day when you get woken up by birds’ lively chirping, you feel calm and at ease right after sending your children off to school. It is the golden time to gently nudge your gears into action for the day ahead.

Talking about the golden time, the morning sun is also the perfect temperature (aesthetically, and based on the thermometer) to take beautiful photographs. A tip taken from to-be wedded couples and their photographers, taking the perfect picture requires the perfect light that sometimes cannot be edited on Photoshop, and the morning light is that perfect shade of soft light essential for the dreamy effect that makes pictures so aesthetically appealing.

Also, speaking from experience, chasing the sunrise can be a great motivation to run, and because of the effort made to exercise first thing in the morning, I tend to be more mindful of what I eat throughout the day. Working out in the morning and sweating it out not only energizes us for the rest of the day, it also increases our metabolism rate which means that our fats burn faster when we are at rest (yay!).

Freelance designer and author of Let Us Discover Yet Again, a book of nature photography, Pearlyn Sim also shares that as someone who needs to set multiple alarms in a single morning just to get out of bed, she has a bittersweet relationship with mornings. However, early mornings has proven to be a great time to discover animals in our local nature parks, and that is her little piece of love for mornings.

Apart from practical reasons, starting our day early is beneficial to our health. We generally feel a greater sense of well being, we feel more productive, and early risers also report a greater sense of control because you have more hours on your hands to do what you want to do. Around here at Super Farmers, breathing in the fresh morning air laden with the smell of herbs is also our little secret for staying energized throughout the day.


Even if you are not a morning person, find a little reason to love your mornings, and you might find the rest of the day a little more positive. For those of you who already love your mornings, what's your reason?



Written by Ange Chua
Edited by Cynthea Lam

Ange Chua is an aspiring bird-watcher trying to fix her black thumbs. When she's not writing, you'd find her drinking tea out of teacups or reading in bed with her dog. She thinks her spirit animal is an alpaca.