You Vs Your Immunity

Image Credit: Daan Stevens

We've been keeping our silence as we sit quietly on the sidelines, watching this great earthly project rapidly unfold over the past month.  

Too many people have become petrified, motivated by the herd mentality into mass hysteria. As we walked past emptied shelves at our local supermarkets and read about social influencers and the authorities telling people to be scared, perpetuating what already is a fearful environment out here, we realise it is time to speak up. 

Firstly, a disclaimer - we are NOT motivated by any of the following: 
-scientific findings

We operate by this philosophy - your mind and body is so powerful, it can either make you sick or heal you.

And our job is to help activate the healing powers within YOU. 

First of all, it is inevitable that a virus is now within the community, as with other viruses around us, they are usually seasonal and predictable. 

Two people can be exposed to the same virus at the same time and one can catch it while the other walks away free from any infection; Not everyone gets infected even when exposed to it. Why?


A body can: 
-receive the virus and fight it off quickly with a shorter down time 
-receive the virus and go into a long-drawn process of fighting it, winning only after an arduous ordeal 
-receive the virus but the virus simply has no place there, and doesn't stay

Instead of 'running away' and being holed up and living in perpetual fear, which is what the world wants you to now do, you should focus on building an immunity that is so effective, that it becomes a hostile environment to the pathogen, and has no problems fighting it off quickly even if infected. 

I am speaking from personal experience, as a caregiver for my child who was stricken with Pneumonia for 30 days not once, but twice, which nearly claimed her life when she was three. I focused on maintaining a robust immunity while caring for her at the hospital in full exposure to the virus. 

A lot of people don't practice PRIMING their bodies, which is something super essential in today's modern world where pathogens mutate rapidly, stress levels skyrocket, agricultural practices have become unethical, and people misuse medication. 

Priming a body begins before it is even exposed to these elements and is a continual effort to protect it even after it has been exposed. It is akin to laying a good foundation when constructing a building, and then providing it with sound maintenance after it has been erected, so that it can withstand storms and other  devastating weather conditions. 

Prime your bodies well because a good state of health brings you further in life and allows you the space to fulfill your dreams and be around for your loved ones. 
So, to our dear fellow humans around the world, please continue to learn how you can prime your bodies in order to have a sound defense system that is capable of handling any intrusion. 

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing with you how you can do so by upping your emotional and nutritional game. 

Until then, please continue to live as your normally do, without the fear and terrors you have been told to have. This is not a fight of You vs The Virus, it is a fight of You vs Your Immunity. You can do this! 

Xx, Cynthea